Viking Hair Bun Tutorial for Bjorn Ironside

Viking Hair Bun Tutorial for Bjorn Ironsidefeatured

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Are you a fan of the man bun? Are you an ardent opponent of the man bun? Who knew it would be such a polarizing hair style!

Yea? Nay? Biased picture though - of course it's a good hairstyle when you look like that

Yea? Nay? Biased picture though – of course it’s a good hairstyle when you look like that

But what if you could do one better? Something that would shirk the hipster stereotype, but still be interesting and keep your hair out of the way. Oh, and it has some awesome Viking flair to go with it.

Check out this ‘do instead! In season 4 of Vikings on the History Channel, the character Bjorn Ironside rocks a rugged undercut and French braid bun look.

braided Viking man bun

Adding a simple French braid doesn’t take much more effort, but takes a simple bun and really kicks it up a notch. Use it anytime, from everyday long hair upkeep to your fiercest Vikings cosplay. Watch the video and instructions below for an easy how to!

Difficulty: Easy
Hair Length: at least chin length
Materials: small hair tie
Skills needed: French braid
Time cost: 5-10 minutes
ideal hair type: any

Step 1) Section off a panel of hair on top of your head. Tie the rest of your hair out of the way with a ponytail holder for now (or if you have an undercut, just go to step 2!)

Step 2) Pick up a small amount of hair at the hairline from the front of the panel you sectioned off. Split this into three strands.

Step 3) And French braid – weave each outer strand over the middle one in an alternating pattern. Also, before each weave, add some more free hanging hair to the outer strand you’re about to bring over the middle. Keep adding in more hair as you form the braid across the top of your head towards the back.

Step 4) When you run out of free hair to add into the braid, finish it like a normal braid as far as you can down to the ends of the hair.

Step 5a) If your hair is rather short, just fold this braid tail in half with the ends underneath. Tie this club formation with a hair tie, and you have a finished braided bun.

Step 5b) If your hair is longer than about shoulder length, fold the long braid under and tuck most of it into the French braid on top of your head, so it’s hiding. Leave just a little bit of a loop in the back, which you should tie off with a hair tie so it looks like the little hair bun you would make if you had shorter hair like in step 5a.

This versatile style will work for any guy with long hair, and will make a great go-to hairstyle when you want your hair up and your style on point. Vikings hair is never dull!

Hope you enjoy! If you liked this tutorial, check out some of the other men’s styles I have on this website. Just click the “video tutorials” link in the menu bar above!

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