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I’m really excited about this. It’s taken me like a year to actually buy a web domain, slowly design the theme, and add content. And right now it’s still a bit sparse as you can see, but it’s up and functional and will continue to grow more and more each day as I focus my energies on updating here primarily. So please wander around and explore!

Here’s a quick guide to navigating this place:
– The “home” button in the top menu takes you to the front page like any other website, where my newest posts are set up in blog style.
– “Movie/tv styles” is one way to sort through all my tutorials. It takes you to a menu of all the franchises I’ve done tutorials for, so you can select styles by that filtering criterion.
– “video tutorials” is a feed of all my videos. There’s only a few up right now, but I’ll add to it from my youtube channel every few days or so until I’m caught up (plus post new videos there as they come out).
– I want to start making pictorials and putting them under the designated menu heading. I don’t have any good ones yet, so go to my Facebook page to request something or comment under your favorite picture on my Instagram feed.
– The “photo gallery” is just a page full of my favorite photos that I’ve done as a source of inspiration. If I’ve got a relevant post on the website to a picture, clicking on it will direct you to that post.
– The “blog” page just has a bunch of posts like this – messages, random hair musings, articles I find, basically anything I want to post that I think you’d be interested in but that doesn’t directly have to do with tutorials.
– The rest of the menu options give you my bio, my contact info, and what styling services you can hire me for!

Here’s what I’d like you to do now. I’m not a trained web designer, and everything I do is really only to benefit you guys. So comment what you like especially about the website or what you think I should change. For instance, do you like the design? Do you want me to give abbreviated text instructions in tutorial posts as well as a link to the video? What sort of content besides tutorials would you like to see? If you have any thoughts at all at any point about the experience here, pleeeeaaasse let me know so I can improve it!

Thanks again for coming by, and please consider subscribing via e-mail if you want to get updates (look at the subscription option in the sidebar) and share your favorite posts to Pinterest/Facebook/other social media.

Bye for now!

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